June 2019

Protect and Nourish

What's in the Box?


This month, we included products from Italian Organic brands: Casa Mencarelli, Bioearth, ElbiDesign.

Bioearth Lifting-Effect Raspberry Face Maskā£

Bioearth Serums

Elbidesign Organic Makeup remover and Exfoliation pads

Casa Mencarelli Acqua di Miele

Casa Mencarelli Crema di Pomodoro

Bioearth Face moisturizer BR SPF 50+ Reishi and Green tea

Bioearth Aftersun Hydra Reishi and Hyaluronic Acid

 Get your skin ready for the summer 

Nourish and protect with an organic sunscreen, a very effective after-sun, an incredibly versatile cleanser made with Mediterranean ingredients, organic reusable facial pads, and much more...

All products are


Certified Organic 

Made in Italy