Try Italian Organic skincare

No-compromise skincare, delivered in a bimonthly box

 A themed box of carefully selected high-quality, full-size skincare products shipped to you once every two months. 

Try in every box a luxurious skincare routine, discover the benefits of organic Italian brands, with their precious ingredients. 

Clean Organic skincare from Italy, to detox, purify and nourish your skin. 


Exclusive eco-luxury Italian brands 


Clean Skincare

All products included do NOT contain:

PEGs, parabens, petrolatum, paraffin, SLSs, SLES, silicones or artificial colours

Certified Organic

All products included are Certified Organic

 We only include certified, eco-friendly, cruelty-free organic products, all made in  Italy with the best organic ingredients 



We always look for brands that are constantly researching the most sustainable solutions for packaging, using biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Kleverpark Boxes are reusable with magnetic closure and ribbon, they can be used as storage.

Our boxes only include certified eco-friendly, organic products, that contain NO:

  • PEGs, 
  • parabens, 
  • petrolatum, 
  • paraffin, 
  • SLSs, 
  • SLES, 
  • silicones or 
  • artificial colours. 

We really like products that contain ingredients from biodynamic organic agriculture, that follow organic standards and farming techniques that respect the earth, supporting its natural processes. 

They are also nickel tested, to protect consumers from allergies and intolerances, and they are cruelty-free (every product sold in the European Union is cruelty-free).

The most important part is what our skincare DO contain: the highest quality ingredients, and that is something you will feel immediately on your skin. 

A real pleasure to use!

The challenge for clean skincare is to create the best eco-conscious sustainable products in a convenient, comfortable format. 

Lots of research is needed to get the best products formulated just the right way, to be effective, high quality and a pleasure to use every day. 

These are the kind of products we love to include in our selection!