August 2019

Relax and Heal

What's inside August's Box?

 Pink boxes this month, and a full-size organic skincare routine. Here is a short description of all the products in August's Box: ⁠

Zoe’ Cosmetics Secret Mousse 150 ml - A delicate facial cleanser, brings relief to even the most sensitive and stressed skin. Based on Pycnogenol, Mallow, and Orange.⁠

Zoe’ Cosmetics Glowrious Gommage  50 ml - A natural facial scrub with Açai and Guaranà micro granules. ⁠

Leafgreen Organic body wash  200 ml - It contains lemon balm and achillea essential oil. Lemon balm essential oil is used in aromatherapy to modulate emotions, relieve anxiety and relax.⁠

Leafgreen Melissa & Achillea Body oil  100 ml - Rich in Vitamin E, minerals, Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Perfect for dry, mixed and aging skin. The release of active ingredients directly from the plant gives this oil effective properties.⁠

Jade Gua Sha Face massager - use it every night with serum or moisturizer for a relaxing and firming facial massage. ⁠

Bioearth Intensive Serum  30 ml - For optimal moisture, apply 10 drops to the face and décolleté, mornings and evenings. Apply 15-20 drops for dry and flaky skin.⁠

Bioearth Bioprotettiva moisturizer  50 ml - A certified organic formula for the treatment of all skin types. It enriches the skin with natural active ingredients such as raw, organic rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid. A good base for makeup.⁠

Bottega Zero Waste  Rose Clay Spa With rose geranium essential oil, this little soap bar will make you feel like you are having a relaxing spa treatment.⁠