April 2019

Beauty Sleep

Aprile, dolce dormire... It is a very popular saying in Italy. The change of season is quite dramatic on our bodies and our skin too.

So if our bodies need more rest,  

let's relax and get ready for a night of sweet dreams. 

This April, we included very nourishing and hydrating products from Italian Organic brands like HerbSardinia, Bioearth, AllegroNatura.

Organic Bamboo Pillowcase‚Ā£

Eyes Contour cream, Bioearth

Organic Rose Hip Oil, Bioearth

Eyelashes Oil, AllegroNatura

Bath Salts Sali di Sardegna, Herbsardinia

Face moisturizer Elichrysium, Herbsardinia



Bamboo pillowcase, a mini beauty treatment

The laziest way to get a refreshed face and a good hair day? 

Probably a Bamboo pillowcase. The cashmere-like texture is very gentle on your skin, and will not absorb your precious skincare products! 

Highly recommended for eczema or sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, great for keeping your skin clean and fresh. A mini beauty treatment, every night, while you sleep!



Love from Sardinia

This month we included two bestseller products from the Italian island of Sardinia.

A place of healthy sea waters, the prevalence of the strong Mistral wind, absence of water and air pollution and the widest botanic bio-diversity in the whole Mediterranean area.